Change starts with ourselves

The basic 30-day Gandhi challenge is straightforward: abstain from intoxicants for 30 days, with two 24-hour fasts. Sobriety promotes nonviolence; inTOXICants are literally poison. Fasting promotes self-control and harnesses the moral power of self-sacrifice.

These practices are part of many healthy lifestyles. Additional, stackable challenges such as walking, additional fasting, and meatless diets are offered as other ways for people step outside of their comfort zone and challenge themselves for 30 days.

The next 30-day Gandhi challenge begins January 1; sign up and receive the Zoom invitation for regular discussions on the 1st and 15th of each month.

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Foment a nonviolent revolution with the American Union

Participants interested in learning about how Gandhi’s examples of principled nonviolence can be applied to America’s electoral and legislative problems as part of a national 2024 campaign are also invited to attend Zoom meetings on the 8th and 22nd.

Building a better America starts with ourselves. Completion of the 30-day Gandhi challenge unlocks additional membership roles for those interested in nonviolent political change. Become a member of the American Union of swing voters by making a good faith pledge to vote as a bloc in 2024, and donating at least $5/month to the PAC. We’ll help calmer heads prevail.

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Changing the world starts with ourselves, 30 days at a time.